iTBOX Note Counter Machine Black-Z


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iTBOX Note Counter Machine

Model : Black-z


  • 100% improved version compatible to use with RM 1 & 5 Plastic Note (Polymer 5)
  • Voice prompts function for quantities, fake notes, etc.
  • LCD back lights color change once fake notes or damaged notes been detected
  • 360° rotated front LED display, adjustable angle
  • All black, modern, smooth lines of appearance, elegant and high quality machines
  • Back loading table top Note Counter Machine
  • High speed and equipped low noise motor, which can offer you a comfortable working environment
  • Come with external customer display LCD unit
  • Automatic detecting with UV (Ultraviolet) and MG (Magnetic)
  • Automatic start, stop and clearing
  • With batching, adding and self-examination functions
  • Double notes detection & half notes (IR) detection


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